Summer Session Day Pass!

Due to increased interest on the part of Stickists in the Southern California area, the FHA is announcing the Summer Session Day Pass! This payment option will give you all day access to Saturday’s workshops, lessons and activities. This also includes meals, free parking and WiFi! Be prepared to spend the entire day on campus as Saturday’s schedule is packed full of events starting at 8AM and ending around ~10:30PM. Included in the cost of the Summer Session Day Pass is the following:

  • Group lessons with Emmett Chapman / Alphonso Johnson
  • Private 1:1 instruction with our core staff of Greg Howard, Don Schiff, Kevin Keith and Gene Perry
  • Meditation / Yoga with Diana Lang
  • The premiere of Dan Chapman’s work in progress documentary on Emmett Chapman
  • Stick Night of the year with performances by Emmett, Don, Greg, Kevin and Gene