Free Hands Friday #63 – Stick events in review

What do a Chilean in Poland, An American in Japan, and people from over 15 different countries in Mallorca Spain all have in common?

They’re Stickists on the go!

What a great Summer it has been for learning and sharing music for the Chapman Stick all over the world. Events in Japan and Mallorca were the most visible. Greg gives some highlights from his recent work in Japan and Boaz and Dan give a great synopsis of the absolute STICK MECCA that was Stickcamp 2015. Both have already posted great videos and pictures in their Social Media streams, which I highly recommend if you have not already checked them out.

In other news, DBro shared some insight on his recent lecture as part of Penn State’s World Music class and we highlighted Tomas Diaz’s tour in Poland where he got to spend some time working with Adam Fulara and some of his students. We also got some highlights from Russell on how he has been adapting to moving from the Stick to the NS Stick. I found myself saying, I have got to get one of those (like so many Stickist’s before me, stay tuned). Marcelo check in as well, he is currently under the effects of Stickwait, but we are all excited to see the unboxing of his new axe which I expect will be soon. 😀

And speaking of the NS, NorCal Stick Circle warrior Dean Kobayashi was on hand to share some insight on the NS as well. I am hoping he’ll lay a rig run through of his glorious pedalboard on us one of these days. It’s an all in one beauty of a rig. We capped off the session with Rob’s new bass, which is small in size, but big in sound. Great tips on how to get yourself some inexpensive upgrades and get your mini bass on!

Big thanks to all who attended. We’ll take this Friday off, but be back on Friday, October 16. I am hoping to put together some details on alternatives to the belt strap as we see that question a lot.

Also, the Free Hands Academy will be putting together a show featuring Greg Howard, Cabezas de Cera (featuring Mauricio Sotelo), myself and Emmett Chapman on Friday, October 30 at the Guitar Merchant. We’ll do a live session backstage at the GM and hopefully share out some live video as well.