Free Hands Friday #60 – Tomas Diaz

This last Sunday was a really fun session with Chilean Stickist, TOMAS DIAZ with Cristian Larrondo hosting. Tomas works over at Franky Amps and plays in a number of different bands in Chile. Cristian and Tomas are based out of Rancagua and are both very active in the South American Prog movement.

This session was a real testament to the goodwill and feelings of mutual respect for Stickist hailing from the Americas. Greg Howard and Russell Keating were both present and conversing freely in both English and Spanish, sharing their thoughts on Tomas’ Stick journey. We had a nice discussion around his piece El Galivan – check this!

Tomas also plays bass and does some production work as well – if you have not added him on Facebook or checked out his Band camp, I encourage you to do so. This session will be sure to bring a smile to face to your face – please enjoy!