Free Hands Friday #49 – Glenn Poorman

This last Friday’s episode with Glenn Poorman was one that I had been long looking forward to. We had a great panel of Stickists in house and of course, Dbro brought all the good cheer and respect that we have come to know and admire to the session.

Glenn shared some his musical background with us, including highlighting the importance Oz Music in Ann Arbor as a pure source of Stick influence in not only Southern Michigan, but throughout the Midwest. Owner and seminar collaborator Steve Oz has been a very positive force in the area and it was great to see how Glenn had collaborated with him in bringing about more awareness of the Stick to this part of US.

Glenn is a songwriter who just happens to play, among many other instruments, the Chapman Stick. I enjoyed hearing about his approach to working in a band as well as his thoughts on looping and gear but especially I was interested in his work with the Interlochen School of Arts and how his Chapman Stick program has become a part of their core curriculum.

We did not even broach the topics of dogs and hockey, but I am hopeful we’ll see more of Glenn in months to come, hopefully as a host! Thanks to all that made it out.