Free Hands Friday #48 – Brett Bottomley

Happy Free Hands Friday everyone! Our latest session, Session #48 with Brett Bottomley, was recorded last Sunday with Dan, Dean, Victor, Gene and our host Samson Covatch!

Samson lead a great session, during which we had plenty of opportunities to hear some of Brett’s original material, both new and old. Brett had sage advice for those that were looking to write for the Chapman Stick – 90% of writing is arranging. This is coming from a guy with a degree from Berklee School of Music!

On top of being a top notch Stick player, Brett also runs and coordinates the Northeast Stick Seminar. This year’s event will include Brett, Greg and Bob Culbertson! If you are looking to learn a lot about the Stick, do not hesitate to sign up for this event, coming up next month in Connecticut. Check out the site for more details.

Big thanks to Dean, Victor, Dan and our host Samson for an outstanding session with Brett!