Free Hands Friday #45 – Dean Kobayashi

FHF #45 with NS man Dean Kobayashi is now available for viewing! We had a full house last Friday with Kyle McCann as our host and special guest Dean Kobayashi as our guest. Hailing from Minato-ku Tokyo, Dean comes from a bass playing background and actively writes, performs and records with the NS as his primary instrument.

Dean has been very active in Free Hands Academy events since it’s inception. In addition to attending both the 2013 and 2014 Summer Sessions, he was featured on the Bel-Air Stick Night in 2014. He was also our Emcee at the NAMM Stick Night last month which featured a performance of his latest piece, “Inasmuch” which was also featured and posted here on the Dean also heads up the Northern California Stick Circle with Jonathan Korn.

Dean walked us through his introduction to the instrument as well as his musical history, moving through different instruments until finally arriving at the Stick in 2013. Dean had purchased his NS, one of 2 of Emmett’s original prototypes (I believe Don Schiff has the other one), only months prior to attending Free Hands Academy in 2013 and already, he has been on the bill at our last two events as an emcee and/or a performer.

We got a walkthrough of his pedal board as well – a completely self-contained rig that runs straight into the PA. Check out how Dean has synced up 3 loopers, in addition to his Line 6 pedalboard, whammy pedal and volume pedal. His rig also contains a line mixer from which he manages his own volume and processing for his voice – a one man band.