Free Hands Friday #39 – John Tyler Kent

Hot off the success of last week with Luc and Jen Bergeron, we can think of no better way to wrap up DecemBOSTONmeber than with Boston area musician and student, John Tyler Kent.

I call him Tyler, but others call him John, no matter – when you hear him play, you will know he is for real. His more recent work, Digits, is a great collection of progressive work that features Chapman Stick – and all this after only having had the instrument for less than a year. Tyler is teaming up with Josh Goldberg as part of GEPH, a Boston area based trio that will feature Tyler on Chapman Stick (and possibly 8-string guitar, but we’ll have to wait and find out for sure).

Like Clare, John is involved with Berklee School of Music, so I am certain we will be able to get some idea of what it’s like to work in a formal musical setting with the Chapman Stick.

Again, Josh Goldberg will be our host and I will be admin for the session. Please feel free to rsvp on this thread or drop a line to Josh or myself on your social media of choice – we’ll get you into the session and online with JTK.