Free Hands Friday #64 – The Gigging Stickist

Or, how to not get booed off the stage. BAHAHAHA!

Seriously, we had a good time talking about some things to keep in mind when performing out as a Stickist. Whether you are performing with a band, hitting an open mic or just meeting up with some friends to share some music, here are some friendly pointers from all your favorite Stick personalities.

The session opens up with the Rockies most favorite Stickist, David Tipton! David gigs out pretty regularly and has some great advice for getting gigs. Show them what you’ve got! Just setup and let them hear you shine.

We also delved into setting up for the show, listening, being able to hear yourself, get a bead on the audience and having some sort of contingency plan for your amplifier setup. AND – don’t forget the truss wrench! Lots of great discussions with lots of great people, tip of hat to Flint for suggesting this meaningful topic.

Thanks everyone that made it out, Vlad, Boaz, Victor, Elias, Flint, David and Greg. Thanks for keeping us on target Greg!