FHA releases STATE OF THE STICK 2013 video

Here is a first glance at all the great learning fun that was going on this last August out in Bel-Air California. We were 27 Stickists in all, many of whom had never met but by the end of the first day, we were all the best of friends, united in our shared love of the Chapman Stick and Emmett’s Free Hands methodology.

The Free Hands Academy is pleased to announce that we will be adding 2 additional days of learning in addition to doubling the size of our staff! This year, in addition to last year’s faculty, we will be joined by Bob Culbertson, Steve Adelson and Gary Jibilian making this one of the biggest Stick events in America since Bob Culbertson’s Stick gathering in San Jose back in the 2002, we hope you can join us!