The FHA faculty is comprised of working performers, professional educators, published authors and subject matter experts in the music industry who have mastered their instrument utilizing the Free Hands methodology as their foundation.

Emmett Chapman will be in attendance this year, in addition to a host of other fine players and performers. Our faculty will share their tricks of the trade through group instruction, printed materials and 1:1 personal instruction in the Free Hands technique. Here is a quick glimpse into our lineup for the Summer 2014 program.

Greg Howard

Professional Musician, Educator, Author
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Greg has given many listeners their first taste of The Chapman Stick.  He has written multiple publications on best practices for study in the Chapman Stick and is considered among the handful of players in the world to have truly mastered two hand independence. He, like Emmett, is also an inventor. He created the StepAbout pedal, a two-channel preamp and routing matrix specifically for the Chapman Stick. He has lead more seminars on the Chapman Stick throughout his life than any other player on the planet and is a true evangelist for greater adoption and awareness of the Chapman Stick.

Categories: 10-string, 12-string, Alto / Stick Guitar, MIDI