The FHA faculty is comprised of working performers, professional educators, published authors and subject matter experts in the music industry who have mastered their instrument utilizing the Free Hands methodology as their foundation.

Emmett Chapman will be in attendance this year, in addition to a host of other fine players and performers. Our faculty will share their tricks of the trade through group instruction, printed materials and 1:1 personal instruction in the Free Hands technique. Here is a quick glimpse into our lineup for the Summer 2014 program.

Gene Perry

Director Free Hands Academy
Photo of Gene Perry

Biographical Info

An avid fan of the Chapman Stick, Gene has been playing since 1989 when he purchased his first ironwood Stick. His first two years of studies were with Don Schiff as well as attending three consecutive years at the west coast National Guitar Summer Workshop with Alphonso Johnson, Emmett Chapman and Frank Joliffe. In addition to degrees in Music and Business Administration from Western Carolina University, Gene has recorded albums with Columbia, Chrysalis and Elektra records and performed across North America with the Inclined, as a solo Chapman Stickist in the Temecula area and for TV, including the first Stick performance on the Tonight with Jay Leno. His youtube “Song of the week” channel features live performances of pop, jazz and classical pieces performed on the Chapman Stick. His most recent project, Free Hands Friday, is uniting Stick players from all over the world in the context of a Google hangout. Each episode features a guest / host Stickist which feature enlightening discussions on the Chapman Stick, the Free Hands methodology and related musical topics.

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