Gene Perry performing at FHA Stick Night 2013

The Free Hands Academy is an independent group of musicians, artists and enthusiasts of the Chapman Stick dedicated to promoting more widespread adoption of the Chapman Stick and Emmett Chapman’s Free Hands Methodology. The Academy hosts annual events that challenge and inspire students, allowing them the opportunity to learn from some of the best Stick players in the world. 2014 brings great new opportunities for students and instructors alike as adoption for the instrument across the globe is ever increasing as the instrument continues to evolve and inspire.

Coordinating events, faculty and facility is Gene Perry, a lifelong fan and enthusiast of the Chapman Stick. As a professional bassist and Stick player, Gene has toured extensively throughout North America and made records with Columbia , Chrysalis and Elektra records. Gene studied Chapman Stick with Frank Joliffe and Alphonso Johnson at the National Guitar Summer workshop back in the late 80’s / early 90’s in addition to many years of study with Don Schiff. His experience at Scripps College where the event was hosted is the model on which the Free Hands Academy is built. A fair price, a great education and the opportunity to work with an excellent team.