Free Hands Friday #44 – The bass side amp

Lots of great analysis on the bass side amp for the Chapman Stick with Damon, Randy, Samson, Rob and Gene. There is a lot to know about getting an amp that will capture the full range of the bass side on the Chapman Stick. Where to start?

Start here!

Rob laid out some basics to start on the range of the Stick, impedance, voicing, compression, specifications for frequency and a great primer on graphic and parametric EQ.

We looked specifically at ART, Carvin and HK amps. Lots of features and details covered, some of which could or would be important based on what your specific requirements were (weight, power, features, etc.).

Very enlightening. Seriously, if you are even thinking about a new bass amp, give yourself the opportunity to review this session and hear the group talk through the options which also covered some bits on pickups as well as speaker enclosures.

The final 3 minutes of dialog gets wacky, which I expect we will edit at a later date. For now, we’ve got some great content out there and we hope that you enjoy it!

Note: Rob wrote an incredibly detailed post which goes into immense detail about the various pieces of gear covered in this episode.