Free Hands Friday #56 – Matias Betti

Hi Stick friends, happy Friday. This last Sunday we were treated to a great conversation with host Guillermo Cides and guest Matias Betti. We were joined by Francisco and Tomas for the occasion and learned a little bit more about Matias.

Matias is a polycarb player based out of Argentina. He’s one of the first players listed under the CD section of with his album Verdadero Fruto, and a very active player throughout Argentina. There are some plans for him to come to the US soon, so hopefully a Guitar Merchant show will be in order.

Matias is a masterful player, and unbeknownst to me, a Line 6 HD500 user. That was part of what I understood of this session which is mostly in Spanish :D .

You can find more videos of Matias on his YouTube page.