Free Hands Friday #58 – Japhlet Bire Attias

This episode is a multi-language version of Free Hands Friday. For those Stickists who are Spanish-challenged (like me) we switch to English at 42:00 when Dan starts asking questions.

Free Hands Friday #58 was a jam. Again, host Francisco Rafart lead a great discussion with guests Tom, Tomas, Edgar, Russell, Dan Chapman and guest Japhlet Bire Attias. Japhlet has moved around quite a bit, making music in the Twin Cities, Holland, Budapest and how in Mexico City where he currently calls home.

A very inspired and artistic Stickist for any who haven’t heard his his very accomplished album. Japhlet talks about origins of his breakthrough album and other work, travel plans, coming to the states, his musical upbringing, Dad was artist/musician, his time in Budapest, Hungary, Transylvania, Romania.

You can hear more of Japhlet’s music on his Bandcamp page.