Free Hands Friday #59 – Crtistián Larrondo

FHF #59 returns to Chile and digs deep to the South American Prog scene with Cristian Larrondo of Mar de Robles. If you have not heard of these guys, you should. Cristian provides the low end with a variety of instruments, of which one, is a Chapman Stick.

Seriously – watch this and check out this little bit. Riiiiiiiping.

For those of you griping about not having FHF in English, here is a great article on Mar de Robles. This is an old article, but it will give you an appreciation of Cristian’s music.

Tom Diaz leads a really good session with Cristian, turning us on to his influences, the tightrope that is working with laptops in live environments and what makes him tick. Another great session featuring the wealth of talent in South American – good show Tom and Cristian!